Review: My Hoa Kai Blanket

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Whenever I am sitting on the couch- whether reading or watching tv, I like to be covered up with a blanket. It just feels more comfortable. Now that it's summer and warmer though, my heated throw, even without it being plugged in, is just too warm.

I have a wonderful new blanket though that's perfect for the warmer weather. 

It's a Turkish blanket made in Southeast Turkey from 100% Turkish Cotton. This blanket is so soft and lightweight and stays cool against your body when your warm but equally it can keep you warm, when you double it up. It can be used at the beach, in the camper, for picnics too. Not just for covering up with it on the couch. ( But my favorite choice!)

The Hoa Kai site as well, also sells 100% Turkish Cotton towels, and kids ponchos. They are a brand new Kaua'i based business supporting weaving families in South East Turkey importing and distributing. Shipping is FREE within the USA for all orders over $75 and they offer great rates for worldwide shipping. 

If your looking for a great quality Turkish blanket/ towel that's not mass produced and helps families, Hoa Kai is your go to business.

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