What's New With Us For July 8, 2018

Sunday, July 8, 2018

How is your summer going? 

I got some rhubarb from a neighbour yesterday- she doesnt use it, and got Gerry to dig some roots up to plant some of my own , and as well some stalks to make him some rhubarb crisp.

Gerry had to cut out a big mass of our trees yesterday after I noticed some black knots on them and a had a few readers point out to me what it was. Leaves an empty spot now where he had to cut that all out but, at least now we hope they will come back healthy.

Ordered my iron dextrin ( $330 and had to pre-pay! ) , from pharmacy, and will have to go for another infusion once that comes in. It's been almost a full 2 years Gerry said since my last one, and the one before that was a yearly, so I did not too bad I guess being able to go nearly 2 years this time. I can't absorb iron and am at the point again where it has dropped quite alot and I am feeling quite lethargic again.

Gerry put up my backsplash today in the RV. The mirror was starting to show its age along the bottom, but as well, everytime we were washing our hands there was overspray on the mirror, so hopefully now with the backsplash I got at Walmart, this will solve both of those issues.

We have a few things that need looking after in the RV- also waiting on the new windows that have to be replaced in it, do some more painting, fixing the back up camera, etc.

Gerry has starting re-building our side fence, and the neighbour who shares the fence with us has also chipped in for half of it. This 15 foot section was $180. 

We had a big storm here the other night that started about 3 am. Trees down all over, power out. We did okay though. We had a few of the neighbor's tree branches in our front yard, and lost power for about 5 hours through the night. Most people that lived out at the lake had more of the same issues but on a bigger scale.

We have a daughter coming to stay with us soon for a few weeks and another, later in August. Since the two of them are planning a trip to see their dad in August, Gerry and I may just get away ourselves. A Summer getaway would be nice.

Hoping your all having a good one- 

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