Happy Canada Day !

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy Canada Day everyone! Think it's time for a bit of an update with news for us.
What's everyone up to today for Canada Day? We're just sticking close to home. Didn't even watch the fireworks last night. Such homebodies -LOL

Had my crown fall out on me for the second time- the one I had done in Mexico but dentist here didnt think it any fault of the dentist there. It did look like a piece of the old tooth may have broke inside the crown, causing it to loosen up, then break off. Either way, I had to get a check up, xrays and then it re-glued here, so that cost me $142. 

Had a pro-active test the other day for Hep C- and I don't think I have it but was more of a preventive blood test as they recommend it. People born from 1945–1965, sometimes referred to as baby boomers, are 5 times more likely to have hepatitis C.

Also had a foot xray- have had a bunion for years which I think may have been caused by an old foot injury so just wanted to have it re-evaluated. Nice that we have the free tests in Canada. Looks too like I am getting all set here to have an iron infusion. Usually have gone to the city to get them done but will be more convenient to have done here. Unfortunately I have to pay for the medication they will be using for it, and may set me back a few hundred dollars, but is a tax deduction too so I can look at that side of it. I havent been able to absorb iron for years, so have had to get those darn infusions as I cant take any of the medications orally. Too many issues with my stomach.

Also told I have high cholestral- which I am sure is an age related thing as I totally should not have it. Will see about some diet changes though and see anyhow how that goes. Do not want to take any medication.

Gerry had his thyroid re-ultrasounded here, after being said in the USA he had a growth or multiple growths. Despite the fact that he does have them, they are non harmful  ones he was told.

Added up our expenses for groceries and food for the dog, for June and it was quite high- $993! Definately the highest its been all year. With our daughter coming here to stay in July and August though I won't be keeping a tally, but we did see that we are paying at least $200-$300 more in Canada on groceries than we were when in the USA, even with the exchange. 

Gerry picked up some tin the other day at the dump so will be able to re-sheet his old shed with it which will help protect the wood on it, then paint over that once its up. Always bringing something from the dump he can use around the yard or shop! Once man's junk you know!

He's been working on the RV too- doing some upgrades, painting, etc.. I sure miss traveling and will be nice to get back on the road in the Fall. ( In the meantime reading about everyone else's travel adventures on Facebook camping groups.) RV is in a state of shock right now... sanding down alot of the wood and restaining assome he did before didnt stick because of the surface, so had to be all sanded down to bare wood now.

Gerry had gotten a job as a supervisor doing lawn cutting for businesses, graveyards, and homes, for the summer, but was doing more work than supervisoring. Gone mostly all day too and working hard. We talked about it, he was going to quit but his boss really wanted him around still and would work out what worked for him, so now he's working only mornings and will have the time to spend with us. Also has work that needs to be done at home before we leave in the Fall and told him he doesnt want to be time crunched with that when the time does come . As well, he has take a full week off to spend time with the girls when they will both be home this summer. One is staying with us 6 weeks but he took a full week off when they will both be here together as well.

On another note- only found .11 in change for the month of June so will carry that over to July.

So hoping everyone is enjoying their summer so far and we'll talk to you again soon!

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