Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Enjoying Tasty Desserts With Food Intolerances- Thanks To Enjoy Life Foods

When it comes to having food intolerances, everyone who has them knows it isn't a walk in the park. There's the reading food labels, and still wanting to eat like everyone else- and eat tasty food too!  You still want to have your cake and eat it too. With Enjoy Life Foods their web site has recipes from cookies, cakes and puddings that feature Enjoy Life vegan chocolate chips, gluten free cookies and more!

I love desserts and we eat alot of them in our home, but I always have to be careful with what I eat with fructose and lactose intolerance.

The dessert recipes provided by Enjoy Life Foods are always free-from gluten, wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, casein, sesame, sulfites, and potato.

I picked up their Mega Chunks for a brownie recipe and what a hit they were! 

Get ready to deliver tasty, free-from this and free-from that desserts that all your friends and family can enjoy safely! You can find Enjoy Life Foods online or in stores near you.

Let's Eat! Healthy Meals With Lean Cuisine- When Time Isn't On Your Side

As the summer winds down and school gets back in session, Lean Cuisine is an easy meal option for women and their families juggling many priorities – allowing them to stay on top of their nutrition. Whether shopping for their family or themselves, many Lean Cuisine dishes contain the building blocks for essential nutrition, and thre are a variety of options no matter their preference, including: full cup of vegetables, high-protein, high-fiber, and more.

Origins, the most recent addition to the Lean Cuisine line-up, features 14 meatless comfort recipes made with organic ingredients. The subline includes dishes with plant-based proteins, gluten-free ingredients and now for the first time from Lean Cuisine, vegan options, too. With the newest recipes featured under the Lean Cuisine portfolio, families can embrace Meatless Monday, too, along with the start of the school year.