Smart Ways to Invest and Make Your Money Go Further

Friday, May 29, 2015

We all wish we had a little bit of spare cash in the bank. Whether it’s for a vacation or just as rainy day money, it’s nice to have some kind of nest egg. Most of us will scrimp and save, in the hope that one day our lucky numbers will come in. However, we could be missing a trick. Investing has become more popular with regular folk recently - not just the Wolves of Wall Street. Can a smart investment make your money go further? 

Start Blogging
If you invest just a small amount of time and energy into creating a blog, then the payoff could be massive. Think of it like investing into your very own business, only without so much outlay. You can purchase a domain name and hosting for next to nothing. The only real thing you need to invest in is the time it takes to write up your posts. As long as you have a passion for whatever you’re writing about, and some time to spare, you’ll see a return on investment.

Pay Off Your Debts
It may seem like a bit of a weird one, but paying off your debts is technically an investment. Especially if you’re paying out in charges every month. Imagine being debt free! Set aside just a small amount each week to pay a bit over your usual monthly payment. The quicker you pay off your debts, the more free money you’ll have for other investment opportunities.

Investing in gold at the right time can be a wise move. The price often fluctuates for a commodity like this, which means you can buy low and sell high. You may want to collect old jewelry or coins, to hold onto as a family investment. Alternatively you could trade in bullions or by trading on the stock market. Have a look through this page to find out how you can invest in gold.

Real Estate
If you have quite a bit of money to spare then real estate will always be a smart investment opportunity. Especially as house prices are currently low. This is an even smarter investment if you know people in the construction industry! Buy a property that needs work, fix it up, and then sell it on. When the house prices have risen, of course! Real estate can make you a small fortune if done correctly.

Diverse Portfolios
If you want to invest in several things at once then this is called a diverse portfolio. This is one of the smarter ways to invest, as it means not all of your eggs are in one basket. You should have a balance of equities and commodities, along with fixed earnings. Chatting to a financial adviser is the best course of action, if you want to go down this route.

There are plenty of ways to invest your money, without relying on measly savings interest rates. Some of these are riskier than others. However, sometimes we need to make those risks in order to see the biggest returns!

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