Springtime Traveling Tips For Canadians

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Now that your vehicle is all ready for a road trip, you can start planning out where you want to travel. Because so many Canadian communities are close to the US border, the US is a popular tourist destination for its convenience, luxurious accommodations, and the interesting products that you may not readily find in Canada. When you are traveling, you should always check the currency exchange rates of the Canadian dollar to plan a realistic budget of how much you'd like to spend each day. Vacationing in the USA can be very expensive because the property taxes are high on hotels and other places of accommodation. For better currency exchange rates, you may want to consider a trip to Europe, Latin America, or Asia.

Popular U.S. Destinations


Many Canadians like to travel to Vermont in the springtime because it is nearby to Quebec, Montreal, and Ontario. The water park at Jay Peak is a popular destination for families to have fun when it is hot out. People also like to go to the spring-fed lake called Lake Willoughby. It offers exceptional hiking trails, a nudist beach, and calm crystal-clear waters that you can peer through right to the bottom. It is located in the Northeast Kingdom and worth the stop when it is hot out.

Burlington, Vermont, is also a popular tourist destination for many Canadians. The Church Street Marketplace and cozy waterfront attracts thousands of tourists a month. You can shop in quaint little cafes or visit the City Market to buy the latest non-GMO organic foods from local Vermont farms. Be sure to try the creamies ice cream if you are there and the coveted Lake Champlain chocolates.

If you are in Burlington, it is only a few hours drive down to New York City. Why not plan an event by booking a nice AirBnB rental instead of paying top dollar for overpriced hotels? You can find some great deals on accommodations and get the inside scoop on what spots are hot in the city. Be sure to visit Brooklyn to find a piece of Israel tucked away in peaceful residential neighborhoods like Coney Island. There, you will find a combination of Russian and Jewish cultures combined with Asian. But, for the best pizza, you may want to stop by the Grand Central station to pick up the slices that move fresh and fast.

There are so many things to see and places to go in New York City that it is hard to take it all in over just a few days. The Statute of Liberty is a premier destination. Everyone needs to experience walking the distance and proving their stamina to conquer this queen. Although the subway trains can seem tenuous to step on at first, you will quickly find your way.

Driving a car around New York City can be problematic because parking is impossible in some areas. It is best to park your car and take a train if you are lucky enough to find a free spot. Pay attention to the street sweeping signs though because you might get a fine if you don't move on the days when sweeping is done.


If you are feeling adventurous and want to take a train from NYC to Orlando, Florida, you are in for a treat. Disney World is a premier destination that has something to offer for the whole family. It will create memories that enchant your children for a lifetime. Parents will be impressed with the quality of the cuisine. Everyone will enjoy the bright sun and tropical weather, a stark change from the cold Canadian temperatures. Florida also has unique infrastructure such as the monorail and is a world of wonder for people to explore swamps and feel like they are on a safari. It is an escape from the ordinary that pays off grandly in rich experiences.

If you are a fan of live music, and you like to drink beer, Nashville,Tennessee, just might be in your future. Although it is a long drive from Canada, you can usually find inexpensive flights. The Nashville international airport is regarded as one of the best in the country. This is where all the top celebrity music stars fly in to make an appearance from time to time. And Nashville is a constant party, from the motorized beer bikes to the honkey tonks that offer no entry fees and constant live music all night long. You will have the time of your life mixing and mingling with the finest southerners on the planet.


Since you are already down in the deep south, you'd might as well cross the border. Although some areas in Mexico are unsafe for travelers, the popular tourist destinations like Tijuana and Acapulco are sure to stretch your budget and offer you an exclusive experience. In Mexico, your tourist dollars are better appreciated. You will be able to live grandly and enjoy the experience of a different culture.

Whether you pass your time in a festive Mexican cantina or simply soak up the sun at a nearby beach, Mexico has a lot to offer. Just be sure to get your cholera vaccine before you travel to avoid Montezuma's revenge. Traveler's diarrhea can ruin an otherwise pleasant vacation and leave you high and dry, literally dehydrated. Oh, and avoid the salads, water, ice. You get the picture.

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