Saturday, June 26, 2021

Congratulations! You are getting married. Wedding planning is officially underway. But upon your research on the internet and from reading magazines it becomes apparent that cost is going to be an issue. You are not alone. The average wedding can cost more than what some couples will pay for a house deposit. If you are feeling the pinch, then maybe adding some DIY touches could save you some money here and there. Here are some tips and tricks to still get that wedding of your dreams, just by adding a few DIY touches yourself.      

DIY invitations can be a big task

Some people would argue that making your invitations can save you some money. But what others don’t appreciate is how much time and effort went into creating them. In the grand scheme of things after materials, you could end up spending not much less than you would if someone had done them for you. This is where research comes in. There are plenty of websites online that could help you create the diy wedding invites you envision, without it taking up too much time. They can send you a premade pack and then all you do is add the creativity yourself. It could save a lot of time and effort and still give you what you need. 

Think about the big expenses 

Flowers and cake can be some of the biggest expenses you face for your wedding. This is where clever thinking and a bit of know-how can come into play. Do you know anyone that can help you with these items? Perhaps you are a whiz at baking. Could you bake your own wedding cake? Maybe a friend has an interest in floristry, could you commission them instead of a professional? Perhaps there are some ways you could downsize the expenditure. There are many options for these things, a lot of which could be done yourself or by close friends and family. It just takes a little research and time. 

Go crazy on the decorations

Adding your personal touches to your day can make it memorable. This is where getting a company to do them for you can cost the big bucks. Place settings, menu cards and such can be easily done yourself. You know what you want, and it can just be a case of putting time and effort into your decoration, that could make all the difference. There are so many ideas for decoration on sites like Pinterest that you would struggle not to be inspired. 

It would all depend on your theme. But you could add some real different DIY touches that will make your wedding far more unique than any other you have attended. Plants in painted pots. Candles with added details. Lace bunting or personalized wine glasses. All these DIY touches can add some luxury to your wedding decoration. 

It’s all in the little details. 

It’s the little details that can make a huge impact on your wedding guests. Often these can be done by yourself. A summer wedding may welcome “flip flops” on the side of the dance floor. A winter wedding may enjoy a hot chocolate station to warm everyone up. It’s thinking about your wedding and theme and highlighting the details that you, as a guest, wouldn't notice or appreciate. 

Capture your wedding in your style. 

If you are a keen photographer, then speak to guests and tell them what you would like. If you are keen to capture your wedding on film then equally voice this to your guests. You could then capture the pictures and video content and make a montage of the highlights. Saving a fortune on a videographer or even a photographer. 

If you need a photographer for your big day, then why not use the images that you get to create your own photo albums. Sometimes this can be a much cheaper way of doing things but also allows you to add your DIY touch to the memories you create. 

Wedding favors to wow. 

Making your wedding favors can be a real nice touch for your guests. They can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. Again, searching for inspiration on websites like Pinterest can offer you a lot of inspiration. You can stick with the theme you have in place and create something that goes with it. Wedding favors can be something foodie, a candle or something personal to the guest. This is where all the DIY craft and touches can make all the difference to your wedding. 

Let’s hope these tips and tricks inspire you to create the DIY wedding of your dreams. But if things didn't quite go as planned and there is a change of date? Take comfort in knowing there are change of date cards as well.
Either way - have a beautiful day!

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