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Saturday, June 19, 2021

We got the "garden" planted! Okay, wait- it's not really "we"- Gerry got it all planted- and it's not really a "garden"- it's more pails- but you know what I mean.

We've planted food! Tomatoes, onions and lots of potatoes! What we aren't growing though is horseradish. We're gonna save that for the pros like the business of Dennis' Horseradish, who, since 1960, have been producing small batch crafted horseradish. Their horseradish truly takes food to it's next level! Their collection also includes a mustard, beet relish and seafood sauce. Gerry loved his on his steak, but foodies can check out more ideas for food fixings on their recipe page.

When we were out of town a few weeks ago, I had bought a shirt from one store, and when I had went online to their online store, I saw the shirt was on for half price! I was sure to call the store, explain this, and they sent me the difference back, as a gift card for next time I shopped there. Bought a coffee table and 2 end tables as well, and was able to sell my older set, which saved me money on this new set- plus the new set came with two end tables and I only needed one, so was able to sell that one as well.

Have been trying to get myself into entering more contests as my daughter is an inspiration with winning and winning, that I have decided to try a bit harder, putting  a bit more time in, and see what I can come up with!

Gerry installed and AC for my mom today, and we had to do a bit of moving around with our own AC's.  Took one out of a spare room that wasn't being used, and sold it because of the way it was designed and bought a new one for our bedroom, where that one was just not cooling anymore. 

Had to buy a new microwave. It died 2 weeks before the warranty was set to expire, and I think we have been in this type of scenario before. Things dying just before they reach their end of their warranty. Seems like companies know just how long their products are going to last. What we do appreciate though is companies that stand up to their warranties, their products, and have great customer service when things do go wrong. One such company has been American Standard that has not stood up to their product. We had got a shower surround that cracked all over despite being under a year warranty. Was the Axis Shower Wall- model # 363CW. I would love to hear if anyone else had this shower wall and had same problems with theirs cracking. As you can see by the photo, ours is repairable and this company is one we would not use again, as they would not help at all with the replacement. Disappointed.

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