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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Oh this heat! Man oh Man! The next few days will be inside with the AC on! Fireworks in town tonight but these old timers are usually in bed by then... and Canada Day tomorrow- and boy will it be yet another scorcher!'

Had to pay $110 for a new blower for the fan motor in can't be without when it's so hot.

And wow- every time I look in the flyers- and it really doesn't matter which ones, things are on the way up in price The cost of food is crazy. I miss my 99 cent store I shopped at while we were in Arizona- not last winter, but the times before. It's the two of us and the dog, as our daughter has gone back home, but we are paying too much for food. Prices are crazy!

Jake had his vet visit this past week. I tried doctoring him myself for 2 months but his eyes continued to run with some white discharge from time to time. He still flicked his head and it seemed like something was bothering him, and we had planned anyhow to take him in to get some summer tick medications. $236 later- cost of exam, inner ear infection, and what vet thinks was allergies for his eyes/irritation/ eye drops, and the 3 month supply of medication to not have to worry about ticks all summer! We do have another appt though for him mid July out of town. He will be getting a growth removed off his leg again- it was there before, removed, and grew back. Plus dental cleaning. Small breeds like him need to keep up with dental or they get gum disease and lose teeth. 

Gerry had been at the bank last week and the ATM ate his deposit! Without it depositing in our account! He had to go back to the bank the next day and get it fixed and THEY tried to charge us $1 because they had to retrieve the stuck money! Well it wasn't about the $1. It was about the fact that why should WE have to pay to get our money unstuck.. so I called the bank and had it promptly removed!

Some pictures around the yard ...

and be sure to always check for discount codes available when shopping online. Just saved myself shipping with Jake's dog food, once again.


  1. You're right food prices have gone up alot. I'm seeing many items I buy increased by $1.00 in a week.


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