How Used Car Subscriptions Are Making Vehicles More Accessible

Friday, July 31, 2020

Flexible Pre-Owned Leases Let You Order an Affordable Car on Your Phone, Drive it as Long as You Choose

Buying a car at a dealership is one of the most daunting (and annoying) transactions we face as consumers. Between the pushy sales pitch, five-figure price tags, endless haggling, gigantic loans, and hours spent having your finances picked apart in a back office, it’s no wonder that fewer than 1% of us prefer the traditional car-buying process.

Fortunately, flexible pre-owned leases are a new way to get an affordable car, handle the whole process right on your phone, and choose how long you drive it. 

Shop by Monthly Payment

When you want to listen to a new song you like, you don’t pay $20 to listen to the entire album. Instead, you subscribe to a streaming service that lets you listen to the exact tune you want for a set monthly fee.

In a similar way, flexible leases – like the ones available on Fair – let you get a pre-owned car for only as long as you want to drive it. You just have to make an upfront down payment, a refundable security deposit and a monthly payment for as long as you choose to keep the car, whether that’s month-to-month, or for 2 or 3 years for an even lower monthly payment.

Mostly Everything is Included
A flexible pre-owned lease from Fair includes almost everything you need to drive, including routine maintenance, roadside assistance & even a limited warranty. That adds up to two free oil changes per year, plus other along-the-way perks like tire rotations. And if you plan to put your Fair car to heavy use, you can add additional miles and extra wear & tear protection right in the app and simply lump it in with your monthly payment.

Pre-Owned Cars Have Never Been Better

Today’s pre-owned cars are almost indistinguishable from their brand-new counterparts – and cost much, much less, on average. Whereas a new car costs an average of $37,000, according to Kelley Blue Book, the average used car price is around $20,000.

And the best part about flexible used-car leases is that you can now access one without even having to take out a loan at all.

Get a Car Without Leaving Your House

The average consumer spends weeks researching what car to buy and another three and-a-half hours haggling and signing paperwork at the dealership. With a used car subscription from a provider like Fair, you can go from swipe to drive all in an afternoon without ever even seeing a salesperson or dealership back room. They can even deliver your car directly to you for free.

You can browse the cars by brand, location or monthly payment, and even save your favorites to a personalized list by tapping the heart icon next to it. You can get approved in-app, decide how long you want to drive it, then simply sign for the car you want with your finger.

In short, a used car subscription is the smartest way to get the smartest cars. Here’s how to learn more at and see the cars available in your area.

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