Tik Tok Scams in 2020

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Photo credit: Image by Nitish Gupta from Pixabay
The latest Tik Tok Scam and how to stay protected in 2020
Tik Tok Scams Threatens Millions of Users’ Personal Information
A new Tik Tok scam that has recently surfaced threatens millions of users. A clone app called “Tik Tok Pro” was developed by scammers with the intention to steal users’ personal information.

The Indian government has recently put measures in place to ban the popular Chinese video sharing platform. This comes in addition to bans on 58 other Chinese apps amid increasing tensions between the neighboring countries.

Over the last few years, Tik Tok has picked up remarkable momentum among its Indian fans. With around 200 million users, Tik Tok is one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play and the App Store.Attempts by hackers and scammers to infiltrate and steal users’ personal information have grown significantly following this ban. And this latest malware scam is no different. Read a similar article we wrote about phishing scams here.
Tik Tok: is it a Scam?
A number of social media users reported that they had received similar messages via text and WhatsApp. The messages requested that users download the new Tik Tok Pro app that supposedly replaces the previous version of Tik Tok.

“Enjoy Tiktok Videos and also make Creative Videos again. Now Tiktok is only Available in (Tiktok pro) So Download from Below.” A link follows the message that directs the recipient to download the Tiktok Pro APK file when clicked.

Once the “app” is downloaded, recipients are prompted to add their personal information and permit the app to access their phone’s images, cameras and microphones. The unofficial app, which mimics the official Tik Tok app, has no real function and only acts as malware. It is designed simply to steal the user’s personal information so it can be later used for purposes of fraud.
Tik Tok Scams and Malware Scams: Is there a way to protect yourself?

The best way to protect against Tik Tok scams and malware scams is to stay sharp and treat everything as a potential threat. Some additional points to consider to stay protected:

Don’t open attachments or click on links received in emails, social media, text and WhatsApp messages received from a strange number
Check for spelling and grammatical errors in the text
Don’t download any app or APK that claims to be similar to recent apps that have been banned by your government
Be cautious of free downloads on unofficial websites that may install harmful malware without your knowledge
Ensure your computer and phone security is kept up-to-date with a reputable anti-virus application and anti-spyware software
Ensure you have a solid firewall set up
Run virus scans on a daily basis to make sure you have not downloaded or installed any threatening software

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