We Saved Money With DIY Rotor/ Brake Pad RV Replacement

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Having the RV has definitely over the years costed us bigger dollars when it comes to any repairs for it. And anytime I hear Gerry say- " I have some bad news", I cringe.

Well, we had to change the brake pads on it and he was going to do that himself, and when he took them off he saw that the rotors on both sides were also cracked. The total for replacing both in the shop/ garage with labor was going to cost $1,100.

Thank the heavens he is so good with doing alot of his own repairs around the home and with the vehicles.

Because now with him doing the repairs himself, it eliminates the labor cost, and we are getting the parts from 2 "parts dealers" that are new- costing us a total of $390! A far cry from the $1100.

Big savings if you can do it yourself!

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