A Whole World of Flavours With Craft Coffee Canada

Friday, March 26, 2021

2020 was a tough year for travel, and many of us are itching for a bit of adventure. The globe-trotting withdrawal was particularly acute among direct-trade coffee roasters like those at Oughtred Roasting Works, who would normally make regular trips to coffee-growing origins like Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Guatemala, etc. When pandemic lock downs rolled in, rendering even a trip to a local coffee shop nearly (if not entirely) impossible, the team at Oughtred sought a way to relieve both wanderlust and coffee cravings. While we were all sheltering in place, they resolved to bring the far-away destinations and specialty coffee experience right to the doors of thirsty coffee-drinkers.


That’s how their new online shop, Craft Coffee Canada, came into being in November, 2020. Functioning as a hub (much like a major airport) for coffees arriving from countries like in Peru, Sumatra, Ethiopia, and countless others, it brings a whole world of flavors and origins into one place, available for purchase and delivery to the homes of coffee-lovers nationwide. From essential to exotic, you can choose your own adventure from your couch, kitchen, or desk, with a wide variety of award-winning beans right at your fingertips!


The site is the new HQ for four main brands — Oughtred Crest, Tug 6Notch, and the new Farm & Forest — all of which source their beans directly and sustainably from devoted and reputable farms. A number of the coffees support local organizations like the Kelowna Professional Fire Fighters Society, Big White Ski Resort, The Nature Conservancy of Canada, and soon, Mamas for Mamas. There’s something for every coffee-drinker, from smooth and approachable caramel-toned espressos to adventurous offerings with notes of jasmine, rhubarb, or tobacco. You’ll also find beautifully blended teas, all-natural drink mixes like turmeric lattes and hot chocolate, barista-approved plant-based milk alternatives, and coffee-brewing tools prized by industry experts. And because the company is also devoted to coffee education and training, they’ll be adding a number of resources like brew guides, origin overviews, recipes and more to the site in the near future, to help you take coffee-making to new heights!

We love Craft Coffee Canada and hope you'll pay their site a visit! What we liked about the Farm & Forest Western Red Cedar Coffee we tried was the rich, full body flavor, with no bitter after taste. Their Tug No 6- El Colombian was a light roast with a medium roast flavor and also enjoyed the award winning Outred Crest's Guatemala Milagro El Crucero for it's fine flavor.

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