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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

My dad passed this past Saturday of a massive heart attack. He hadn't been feeling well for a few days and complained of chest pain, yet he continued to go to work, shovel snow, and just not look after himself. At this time, I'd like to love for everyone to know more about the dangers of having a heart attack, by reading about the warning signs of a heart attack. My dad was 79.

It's tax time! We will be off to pick up ours tomorrow. We've never had to pay in to the tax man, so always a nice time to look forward to, to have some extra money in the bank. Although just a few days ago our truck was back in the shop for more work... $800 later... we are all set again. Here I come back again to how nice it as to have our second vehicle- especially in times like these. Yeah it's rusting, but it's all paid for, and we weren't inconvenienced while the truck was in the shop for a few days.

On a final note, I came across this business called Soapy Mate.  Look!  It's paper soap!  Mini paper soap sheets for travel, work, home... and great to take everywhere!  Soapy Mate is made purely from natural and raw ingredients, uses eco-friendly packaging, and is 100% biodegradable.  I'm definitely going to try it!

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