Sites Not on GamStop – Are They Worth It?

Wednesday, March 10, 2021


With the introduction of the GamStop scheme, punters are increasingly looking to sites not on GamStop, but are they worth it?


The attraction to these sites is built on a desire for more gambling freedom, less strict betting limits, the possibility of lucrative bonuses, and access to different payment methods such as credit cards.


There are many options available for punters seeking betting sites not on GamStop. You’ll find some positive and negative aspects of these online casinos highlighted in this article.


How GamStop Works


GamStop is a free service available in the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland) only. Punters can sign up for the service and they will be prevented from using gambling websites and apps within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) for a period of their choosing.


With so many sites available in the United Kingdom, the scheme allows users to apply a blanket restriction across the country and put a hold on their betting patterns.  


Customers are urged to supply their current and former addresses, alongside any email addresses that they would have used to sign up for betting sites in the past. Once these restrictions are applied, they must be honored for the duration of the requested exclusion period.

What are Sites Not on GamStop?

Sites not on GamStop are those casino and gaming sites that are located outside of the UK. Regulation for sites not on GamStop is not conducted by the UKGC, but with another licensing authority. Two of the more common jurisdictions for gaming companies outside of Great Britain are Malta and Gibraltar, which are overseen by the Malta Gaming Authority or the Gibraltar Government’s Gaming Division.


It is important that you ensure the site is overseen by a respected authority to protect your funds and your data. This extends into Know Your Customer (KYC) schemes and other measures, such as segregation of client funds into separate accounts to protect platers from company bankruptcy. The downfall of using sites in another jurisdiction is the lack of third-party support for dispute resolutions, but this is up to the user whether they see this as an important requirement.


Many punters consider using these sites because of the benefits that now exist over the GamStop firms within the UKGC’s jurisdiction. UK gaming firms are being forced to apply heavy regulation and rarely does a ‘one size fits all’ policy benefit all customers. Enhanced regulation and restrictions can limit the options and affect the customer experience of those who do not need access to protections provided by GamStop.


The sites not on GamStop will also have self-exclusion measures in place for players to opt-in at their discretion, and this can be checked out before signing up with a betting provider.  

Can You Legally Gamble at Sites Not on GamStop?

It is still entirely legal for gamblers in the UK to sign up with sites not on GamStop and place their wagers. GamStop is only a requirement for online casinos operating with UKGC-issued licenses. Consumers in the UK still have the freedom of choice to sign up to sites operating with licenses provided by other regulating bodies.


The companies that operate the gambling sites are responsible for maintaining the required regulation in their jurisdiction, but they may be restricted from marketing to UK punters. With marketing options not available, UK consumers are often not aware of the sites not on GamStop that are available for use.


It is important that punters do not seek out sites not adhering to GamStop to bypass problem gambling. Gambling addiction is a serious problem in the United Kingdom and requires treatment, rather than loopholes to make it easier. Users can contact the support staff of these sites to arrange a self-exclusion if they have a history of problem gambling.

Why Try Sites Not on GamStop?

There are advantages in using sites that are non-GamStop associated. As mentioned, this should not be used to escape the GamStop controls on problem gambling. For customers who are comfortable with their betting patterns, these sites have more freedom from the current UK regulations and any future enforcements that may come.


The UK government has been under pressure by social and health groups to clamp down on problem gambling. One area this has been seen in is with the limits on Fixed Odds Betting Terminal (FOBT) stakes. This can be a useful measure for those that have a problem with their gambling levels, but it also impacts those who don’t. At the same time, everyone’s wealth is relative, so a £10 stake means more to one punter than it will to others with larger incomes.


Using sites not on GamStop usually means access to a wider collection of payment options. The UK has seen companies restrict funding by credit cards as another means to curb gambling habits. The UK’s attempts to avoid glamourizing betting is another issue because it limits the potential for bonuses and other marketing schemes.

Gambling Sites in the UK vs Casinos Not on GamStop

As with any consumer choice, there are pros and cons attached to using either a UK-based GamStop casino or a non-GamStop casino. It will be at the punters’ discretion whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of making the switch. This is our round-up of the key pros and cons of both options:

GamStop Casinos



·          UKGC licensees are listed corporates

·          Extra efforts are being committed to problems gambling

·          GBP is a standard

·          Enhanced protection for consumers

·          Third-party support for dispute mediation




·          Limits on stake sizes

·          Extensive Know Your Customer verification

·          Credit card deposits banned

·          No crypto payments


Sites not on GamStop




·          More generous bonus sizes and frequency

·          Fewer limits and restrictions

·          Usually licensed by a gaming authority in their jurisdiction

·          There is still access to self-exclusion

·          Wider range of funding methods





·          GBP may not be an accepted form of currency

·          UK game titles may not be available

·          Can be used as a loophole for GamStop scheme


Our Conclusion on Non-GamStop Sites

If you are a seasoned bettor then are many advantages available from using sites not on GamStop. Customers have the freedom to choose online casinos that offer a different gambling experience than those licensed by the UKGC.


Bet sizes free from restrictions and a larger selection of payment methods to select from are just some of the unique selling points these sites can offer. There are also benefits in the form of more attractive bonuses and game libraries containing diverse titles that aren’t found at standard online UK casinos.


There are still risks associated with using non-GamStop sites, so ultimately it is your choice if you want to experience what these alternative online casinos have to offer.

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