And There It Was- Gone- Hope You Had a Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 9, 2021

I really HAD planned to get up this morning and wish all moms everywhere- all my great readers- a Happy Mother's Day, bright and early this morning, but it just didn't go that way, and once again, the day slipped away. Life just gets busy. We did manage to go to mom's today and help her with a bit more downsizing at her place, something we try to do daily. Dad passed 2 months ago, and mom wants to eventually move, but there are no places open for her right now. Went out for ice cream today...which isn't always a good thing when your lactose intolerant like me- but am a sucker for it for sure!

Wanted to share some photos of some of the beautiful flowers and gifts I got too! Hope you all had a special kind of day!

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