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Friday, May 14, 2021

Things have continued to be busy in our lives as of late. Daughter is getting read to leave, and head back to Central America, after a 10 month stay with us.


Gerry has been busy with starting to do Spring yard clean ups, mostly for seniors, and tries to get enough hours into the day for helping mom over at her place, or errands ( she doesn't drive- and since dad passed almost 3 months ago, she has needed someone to help her.) Also try to spend a little time daily to downsize, sort and organize at her house and the garage. 50+ years of "stuff" adds up. Gerry was lucky to get all my dad's lumber, and with it being so sky high right now in price, it's a big help for us... it gets it out of mom's yard but helps us as well.  Plywood alone last year was $10.99 a sheet and this year is $75! He is using alot of it for a lean to by the shed...

I received our newest insurance policy for the year and was totally shocked when I saw the $1,000 from the year before go up to $1,300 this year! A quick call to the insurance agency with a what it this?? and I was able to get it down to $856- all for just filling out a form that allowed a credit check to be done. So be sure to always fight for your dollar! $400 savings is seriously insane!

On a money downside, and to make a long story short, we had been on equal billing with our power bill. But since it had only been estimated over the winter for 5-6 months, and daughter's baseboard heater was running all the time, we had to pay for that shortfall... and how much you ask? $1500! It's a sad story, but after doing some investigating, we seen that baseboard heater was a greedy power pig! And she wanted to be warm. Normally we are gone away all winter so we never have it on. It's the only baseboard heater in the trailer - they rest of our home is on propane. But , not much you can do.. I find the power company takes pity on no one! Trust me, I put up a good fight!

Back to a good note again... I won a $100 Circle K gift card in an online contest, so that will be good for gas, and/or snacks, once we are on the road traveling,(as we don't have a location here in our town.)

Chocolate peanut butter drops

Tried my hand at making some chocolates too... and they turned out great! Maybe too great though.. I haven't made again because we were eating too many of them!

The days zip by so quick I am outta here.. but also on one last note- a Very Happy Birthday to our youngest daughter, Erika, who turns 29 today!

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