Our Before and After With Primco Flooring

Monday, May 3, 2021

Yes, it was time for a change...! 

We have been renovating slowly - changing from beige and dark browns to white and grey. 

I would say it's been about 10 years since the last change.

Did the painting and then it was on to the flooring.

We looked for vinyl flooring but once we saw that laminate is now waterproof we decided to go that way.  What caught our eye was Primco's Transcend Collection  . It's  an 8mm laminate with a AC4 wear rating so it will protect against scratching a lot better then a vinyl floor. (Check out this video Laminate AC4 versus SPC 20mil Wear layer - Angle Grinder - YouTube). This flooring is amazing- its not just coated with wax either. What really makes it water proof is the Hydro-monolithic wax that they mix in the core so every cut on nick in the plank leaves it still waterproof. I use a cordless vac on my floor a few times a day, so I know I needed a flooring that could stand up to that as well.

Primco also offer custom made vents and moldings that can come with the flooring.

We used the Protect-it versatile underlay that can be used under laminate and includes a vapor barrier as well as can be put over top of it to protect the floor while you are  moving things around to protect your investment.  

One thing, among many, that we loved was the smooth look of the floor, as well as the shade. The last color we had was dark brown, and it really showed every bit of dust. Grey is so much nicer!

On an end note we want to just say- Be sure to check out their website or  ask your local flooring retailer about the Estates Laminate collection! We love ours!


  1. It looks very good, I also have dark hardwood in my kitchen and it does show every crumb!

    1. thank you.. now to work on slowly changing out some other things- not really sure what I should do for the cupboards or back splash yet- color wise I am kinda unsure.


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