Back-to-School Spirit All Year Long!

Saturday, September 18, 2021

As kids are still settling into the first month of back-to-school, it's a good thing Asmodee has the perfect list of games to get kids into the spirit of learning! Asmodee has a fantastic selection of board games that offer enriching thrills and things to learn. The entire family can get involved and will have an absolute blast!


Asmodee is here to elevate some of that back-to-school stress by having kids excited to learn all year long.

  • Splendor: (MSRP:$44.99, 2-4 Players, Ages: 10+) Splendor is a fast, elegant, and intuitive game where players compete to build Renaissance Europe’s most lucrative and prestigious jewelry business. It's easy to learn, involves quick strategic thinking, and produces intense interpersonal competition.


  • Patchwork: (MSRP:$39.99, 2 Players, Ages: 8+) Patchwork is a light, two-player board game where players are each attempting to piece together a quilt using oddly shaped, tetris-like tiles. Players use buttons to purchase new tiles to add to their quilt but they must be picky in which tiles to select as buttons also count as victory points at the end of the game.

  • Spot It! Collector: (MSRP:$24.99, 2-8 Players, Ages: 6+) This Spot It! Collector Edition includes 2 new versions of the game! Spot It! Is a multiplayer, easy to learn game that tests your observational skills. The award-winning game play of Spot It! is a game of lightning-fast choices. With dozens of awards and possible versions of the elegant game-play, Spot It! has become a global phenomenon.

  • Timeline Classic: (MSRP:$14.99, 2-6 Players, Ages: 8+) While other versions of Timeline are focused on certain elements (events, inventions, discoveries, etc.), Timeline Classic is a highly engaging version that encompasses multiple themes in one convenient package. Was the pencil invented before Washington crossed the Delaware? Find out in this incredibly engaging educational trivia game.

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