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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Today was advanced voting.. made sure Gerry and I went and took mom too. As a young person I wasn't too concerned about my vote but as I have gotten older I definitely make sure I pay attention to the runners and get my vote in!

Wanted to update you all on the chest of drawers Gerry finished ( the brown one transformed) - lots of work- 3 layers of paint that had to be stripped down and lots of sanding and work. But haven't sold them yet. Definitely don't just want to give them away. Still has another two to work on.

We've had a super cute squirrel here that has been hanging around, and Jakey loves him too- keeps him entertained... so we feed him. Gerry made a cute picnic table for him for the fence to eat on, so we have somewhere safe to place his food and where he can eat without having to balance on the fence. 

Tried my hand at 2 Hour Buns the other day.. didn't turn out too bad for first time!

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