Alberta Wildlife and Wildflowers

Sunday, July 3, 2022

We arrived about a week ago here in Medicine Hat, Alberta , but Gerry is making a trip back home in about a week for a quick pick up of our truck, and to meet up with the movers. It's an 11 hour trip back. He will do that drive and then come back and have to go back to pick up my mom for her move here as well. Lots of work! Be glad when its all over and done with!

So many nice wildflowers and wildlife in the area- even in the city limits! We see so much of it on our morning walks. Even have seen bunnies and we smelled a skunk by our RV a few nights ago- just good we never saw it - and were already in for the evening. 

We are still looking for a home. We think we have found one but it will all depend on what the bank will say. Homes are definitely more expensive here in the city than they were in our small hometown we left. We were hoping that when we sold our place back home we would have used the money from the sale and got a another place for less money here. Doesn't look like it. Just because of the price of the homes here and what we would like.

                                                                 See the deer here?

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