Lay's Delivers-A New Taste Sensation For Western Canadians

Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'll admit, I try to stay away from chips, but sometimes they get the better of me. Then we have Gerry, who doesnt even try to stay away from them. He's into a bag every night with t.v or a movie.He's gotta have that salty munch! Plus chips are a must have for hime with a movie or tv.

We were in for a treat though when we recently had the opportunity to try Lay's new wavy chips, in smoky barbeque and old fashioned ketchup.

Available only in Western Canada:British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, these chips are sure to please any chip lover.

The Wavy Lay’s Smoky BBQ potato chips

 – a spicier, smokier, more savoury taste with added heat for those Westerners looking for a stronger bite.
Gerry loves  bbq chips so he reviewed these.Said the waves really held the flavor into the chip, and the chips also offered more of a generous flavor topping than he had had before on their regular chips.
He did as well notice that their was more of an intense bbq flavor with these chips and absolutely loved them!

The Wavy Lay’s Old Fashioned Ketchup potato chips

– a sweeter, more tomato taste for the Western consumer who enjoys an old fashioned favourite.
I'm serious now, I reviewed the ketchup chips as I love ketchup flavoring the most out of all flavorings that they can add to a chip, and I'm thinking about getting myself back into that opened bag of chips in the cupboard just thinking about these!
Like I said I do try to avoid chips if I can but with Gerry eating them all the time while he watches t.v, I often find myself caving, and saying I will only have a tiny bowl full.Tried that with these old fashioned ketchup chips only to have to get myself another refill! The ketchup flavor is intense! Love, love, love it!

We highly recommend these chips- for real, so Western Canada, head out and get yourself some!

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  1. omg, these look good! my favorite lays are barbecue. i could eat them all day long.

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