It's Been a While- Or So It Seems

Sunday, April 30, 2023

It's been a while - or so it seems, that I've connected with everyone. Although I have been spending more time away from the blogging end and more time with my Instagram. I have been doing the majority of giveaways on there, and just so much easier to do content on it through my phone.

The weather has been warming up- so we are getting out for longer walks. More places to hunt for great deals - so spend more time with that as well. Back home, living in a smaller town, I didn't the opportunities for the deal hunting. These are more so for grocery deals, but have picked up great deals for the house as well on Facebook Marketplace. There just is more to see and do in the city.

Gerry has been doing alot of renovations still. It's been from one end to the next. We also have plans for outdoors with landscaping and rebuilding a small, less private fence and making a larger one. We have been lucky to have been selling different things that were in the place when we bought it, and putting the money back into renovations. Also buying like new used has helped a great deal as well with expenses.

Been getting up earlier so the day is longer.. but finding by early evening and heat coming on... am feeling a bit wiped by 6 pm. We're still at a good point where not too many bugs have come out yet. We have a new back window to put in so would like to do that before the flies and wasps make their ugly appearances LOL

We also have our oldest daughter coming back home soon...and its been over 6 months since we seen her last, so that will be nice. Another two days!

For those of you who are on Instagram please be sure to follow there @oneincomedollar. You will find alot more giveaways and photos being shared.

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