Spring Cleaning With doTERRA

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Spring-cleaning and Earth Day are right around the corner. And now the time begins where we are searching for ways to clean our home, in the most effective, green, and "gets the job done" way. Here are some favorite 100% pure and sustainable products from our friends at doTERRA-


Abode Bubble Up: Ditch your disposable scrubber for an eco-friendly and stylish dish brush.

Abode Foaming Hand Wash with Citrus Bloom: The perfect addition to any bathroom or kitchen, our foaming hand wash concentrate infused with our Citrus Bloom essential oil blend gently cleanses hands without drying skin.

Abode Laundry Pods: Created to deep clean, lift stains, and keep colors vibrant, our laundry pods are concentrated, powerful, and effective.

Air-X and Roam Diffuser: Air-X has an intense citrusy, wood, and faintly herbal aroma that helps purify and freshen the air when diffused.

Abode Cleaner Concentrate and Spray Bottle: Spill something? The Abode Cleaner is perfect for surfaces that need a wipe down. Using the Abode essential oil blend, this cleaner will leave the surface and the area feeling fresh.

doTERRA Abode Dishwasher Pods -plant-based pods : Free from phosphates, phthalates, dyes, and chlorine, there's no doubt that when using these for the dishes, you feel good that you're also taking care of yourself and the Earth.

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