Using A Vaporizer To Breath Easier

Sunday, August 15, 2021

I always try to stop the colds I get in their tracks before I get them, although there have been times when Erika has gotten a bad cold and a vaporizer has helped un-stuff her. Vaporizers work great for chest congestion and can shorten the length of your cold, and make it much easier to sleep as well.Our home is quite dry so when Erika used to get a cold,I would always reach for the vaporizer to make sleeping easier for her. I recently heard about a vaporizer called an iolite vaporizer. It is intended for direct inhalation of vapor, and can heat ingredients virtually anywhere at any time, within 45 seconds. Its sleek, lightweight, powerful and portable, and makes it perfect if you are "on the go". Besides useage for colds, the iolite vaporizer is also great to use for allergies. Vaporizers can help alleviate symptoms and may be better for you if you want to stay away from over the counter medicines.


  1. I currently have a cold with a cough. For the past week I have been putting Vicks generously on my soles, covering with socks, and then sleeping through the night without coughing. Someone emailed me this tip, saying that you put the Vicks (I use no-name) on right before turning off your light, you lie down, and your last cough will be within 5-10 minutes. You will then sleep for 4-8 hours without coughing. I found this all to be true. However, as soon as I awoke for whatever reason, the coughing resumed. Immediately. My kids and husband are doing the same thing with the same results. Makes one wonder if we should wear Vicks during the daytime hours as well (but it shouldn't work because we're irritating the cough just by being awake).
    Hope this helps. Thanks for all the great tips!

  2. Vicks works well on the neck as well.
    Try it.

  3. I have used Vicks on my throat, nose, and chest for over 45 years now. It indeed helps with breathing easier through the night, but I didn't find it stopped my cough in its tracks like it did when put on the soles of my feet.

  4. I see.. will definately give this a try next time a cough comes on.


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