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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

I must say, as we enter into September, I am wondering what  is going to happen with letting the snowbirds pass into the USA this Fall. We are double vaxxed and are self contained. We had been traveling to the USA for the winters up until Covid started, every winter. We stick to ourselves all the time, and practice all the safety measures. Really do not want to be here another Winter. Winter sucks- and as of today, the border remains closed till September 21.

Recently had another contest win... won 2 free store pizzas and a PS5 from a Dr Oetker sweepstakes! Apparently the PS5 is so popular that they still haven't sourced one yet! So am waiting or at to see if they will be giving a cash prize instead.

Bought my niece's car.. smaller than the one I have now, but we needed one that we could flat tow with the RV. Now we just have to sell my other car. Since niece's car was cheaper than mine, as soon as I get it sold we'll be ahead of the game!

Gerry did his own DIY truck fix recently.  He had his emergency brake lock on him and was having truck problems. By watching a Utube video, he was able to fix his problem without spending money to have someone else look at it!

Keep hearing on the news how the prices of groceries are suppose to be going up- mostly due to a lack of crops producing. How can the prices get any higher- oh wow! Not good . 

And how are you all doing?

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