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Sunday, August 8, 2021

We got a surprise at the beginning of last week, when a town truck pulled up and unloaded a Yard of the Week sign for our yard. Gerry keeps the front and back yard looking nice, plus does yard work for a few other people around the town.. so was nice. Unfortunately though, like the non- existent  blueberries in the bush this year, the raspberries in the yard aren't looking too great.. but still time for them to turn around. 

Was my 55th birthday yesterday- flowers, supper and cake from Gerry- can't beat that!

Won another contest too! A Corona paddle board with a $400 value! Just waiting for it to arrive.. but will be selling. Saving money towards a screened in porch for deck.

Ordered ourselves a reclining sofa and chair- but we are so remote that Gerry will have to drive 4 hours to go pick it up when it arrives.

Still looking for another car as well to tow behind our RV for this Fall. The newer one I had got we found out wasn't tow-able, so just searching now and waiting for one to come available. And.. hoping Biden opens the border for the snowbirds this Fall.

Gerry picked up some older pieces of furniture that needed some TLC, for cheap, at a Re-Use it store. The brown one was $20 and the other two were $10 each. Will be sure to share the After pictures when he is done and we put for sale. The brown one he has started on and is old- had about 4 layers of paint on it as well! 

Got us a new shelf too for our photo albums. We had got a new tv stand last month and it was smaller than the older one, so it didn't hold all the albums. I didn't just want to stick them away in a closet, so ordered this shelf from Walmart online. We really like it!

And with that.. another week starts tomorrow, so do enjoy yours!

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