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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Took Jake out for a walk today to go see the blueberries..and it's no wonder we have bears wandering - looking for food and trying to keep away from the burning fires everywhere. 

We were lucky enough that the road opened to the city- because fires had it closed for a while... Jake had had a vet visit earlier this week. He ended up having 2 warts removed, a teeth cleaning ( none needed to be pulled) and an xray on his leg which showed he had fractured his leg sometime within the last 2 weeks, but it was already starting to heal. Those things, coupled with medications and $80 for tax alone, was a bill for close to $800. We're grateful we had money saved for emergencies and that we were able to get him the care he needed.

And part of my prize pack arrived for my contest win of a $1600 valued bbq, and swag pack. My daughter Erika had tagged me in an Instagram contest and both of us won the same prize pack! I am having to sell the bbq though as it's too big for us- but we will still buy another smaller one, and use the rest of the money towards something we can also use. Winning sure is fun! Do you enter contests as well? It's easy to get discouraged but just keep going- your turn will come!

I have been reading a few other blogs lately and will say I feel blessed that we don't have our water metered. We play a flat rate monthly of $70 which includes our unlimited water consumption AND our weekly garbage pick up. Is your water consumption metered? What do you pay for your garbage to be picked up?

And for parents looking to turn their backyards into a bubble-filled paradise, the Gazillion Rollin' Wave is the machine for you! This innovative bubble maker uses its rolling wheel to send hundreds of bubbles in an upward direction, creating a magical bubble experience that children of all ages will adore. The machine creates instant bubbles, with no priming needed and no assembly required. Each set comes with a four ounce bottle of premium Gazillion Bubble Solution, guaranteeing beautiful bubbles that sparkle and shine in your backyard.

Looking to shop Canadian made AND love those bamboo toothbrushes?

The only toothbrush made in Canada is OLA Bamboo!

Their site also has other Eco-friendly products to help eliminate plastic waste.

Be sure to check out their Back to School sale -running August 18-31. Save 15% off all products in their online store!

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