December 26- Boxing Day

Monday, December 26, 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

We headed over to Walmart today, with what seemed like half our small town. I had a return to do. One of the things Gerry had gotten me for Christmas was a heated massage seat cover for my car.
Well, it didn't heat and the massage was more a real annoying,vibrate. Had to go. Wanted it more for having a heated seat, so we did the return there and headed to Canadian Tire and I picked up just the heated one. Can't wait to try it out! Alot of people shopping the 50% off Christmas wrap, cards, decorations today. I won't need much more than Christmas wrap for next year but will be buying when the sale is up to at least 75% off.Did you get some great deals today? Would love to hear about it.

On another note,we are heading back to Las Vegas in February.I got a 1 week condo special before Christmas through our timeshare with RCI- $199 for a week.Couldn't pass it up.Have been going through my reward cards to get gas gift cards,( as we are 6 hours from the airport we have to fly out from). With staying in the condo, we can buy groceries and eat out very minimal so that will save us alot.Now will just have to keep my eyes peeled for airfare deals.I know the last time we had travelled, the luggage fees were terrible, but not all airlines are created equal and that will be something else to consider as well when booking.Stay tuned for travel reviews on things to see and do in Vegas!We'll be telling you about the people, places and things we will be seeing.
Anyone that lives in the Las Vegas or surrounding area, would love to hear from you about "must see and do's".

Gerry has had some holidays and was off for 13 days. He's quite gotten used to that, but back to work on Wednesday morning.

Do hope everyone enjoys their week.I'll be looking forward to things getting back to normal on Wednesday and back into routine.I know we've certainly over done our share of eating- especially the chocolates, cookies and nuts-how about you?


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  1. Have a wonderful time in Las Vegas! You might want to check out the RCI Blog ( to read about vacations that other RCI subscribing members have taken in Las Vegas. Just type “Vegas” into the search bar of the main page and you’ll see plenty of stories and photos! Hopefully that’ll give you a few good ideas of things to do.

    – Kathleen M, RCI Customer Care


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