Our Woodstove Savings ( Gerry's Workshop)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I think I may have mentioned a few weeks ago that we bought a woodstove for Gerry's workshop. He likes to spend time out there and work on projects. A space heater wasn't going to heat that size of a workshop he said, now that it's gotten so cold. Plus, it really isn't good for the budget, running one of those things.I was able to get a deal on a used stove, for $150.He ordered fire wood that costed him $40 for all you see in the photo, which he figures should last him the winter.

Where the expense came in, was buying the piping,chimney, and all that went with it. That costed about $500. I gasped at that but he's looking at it being a long term investment.It would have/could have costed us more.
A new stove this size would have been about $600-$800
We had a quote at one hardware store for all the piping and chimney for $780.. for a total with wood, of $1420.
By getting the stove used and getting my brother to make some of the pieces that he needed, he did save and it costed him $500 for all the piping and chimney instead of the $780- for a total savings of approx. $730

On another note, we bought ourselves an early Christmas present: a surround sound system from Sears for $199.


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