My Review of The Air Purifier Onix 3000

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Recently I had the opportunity to review the  Airfree Air Purifier Onix 3000 . It has worked fairly well on helping with my allergies. Using it in the bedroom and keeping it on at night has reduced some of the symptoms I have. I usually sleep with a fan or the a/c on, but I was waking up sneezing and blowing my nose like crazy in the morning. Miserable!

Although we clean the filters regularly on the air conditioner and fan in the room, I was still having some problems with allergies. I was sneezing allthe time. But now, using the Airfree has really helped a lot. We have also been moving it from room to room. And it has been continuously running in one room at a time. It has not completely gotten rid of my allergies, but I would say that it has reduced the intensity of them, especially the room I was finding they were acting up the most in- and that was the bedroom.

The Airfree is recommended for rooms up to 650 sq. ft. It is the natural solution to many common health problems. Such as asthma, respiratory allergies and mold. It can also help to eliminate dust mites from the air. The Airfree is also helpful reducing bacteria, fungi, viruses, pollen, allergens and other microorganisms from the air. It can also be beneficial if you have pets to use this to reduce the allergens from them too. 

All in all we feel it's a great product that does what it says.


  1. Having a ton of allergies this sounds good to me! Great review, thanks!

  2. my allergies get worst every year it seems and last longer


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