My Review of SOLE - Footwear Making a Positive Impact

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sole is a Canadian shoe company, that was founded in 2001. Their goal is to make a positive impact on people’s lives. And they have a solution to help people who may have foot pain. They make custom Footbeds and Footwear that are adapted to your unique needs.

Their products are guaranteed to have some of the best cushioning and support. And they are customized for each user. Sole shoe’s have an orthopedic shape.  They also have mould optimized materials in them. All their footwear and footbeds have that built into them. So they adapt to your feet and you won’t lose support.

I tried a pair of flip flops and shoe inserts for a better foot support, since I tend to walk more to the side with my feet, and as well, have a bunion on one foot from a foot injury years ago. Having the support from the Sole shoes and inserts optimizes the foot's natural functionality. I feel I can really benefit from the personalized support and cushioning that the Sole products have to offer, and look forward to taking "a better step forward" so to speak!

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