Review: Weber Q1200

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Traveling south soon, and doing alot of camping, Gerry wanted to make sure he had a portable grill with us. ( He does all the bbqing). We did have a cheaper model from a local store, but when presented with an opportunity to review Weber's Q1200, he was most interested.

The Weber Q1200 is the perfect grill for home use, traveling, or camping. It's compact and convenient to use this grill. It is fully assembled right out of the box so that is really great. Bonus!

It has one stainless steel burner and has plenty of room for cooking on. It also has 2 fold out work tables on the side, which are good to keep your supplies, etc, on while grilling. The 1200 has an electric, easy start ignition. It uses a disposable cylinders to fuel it, that you can purchase separately.

It also comes in a variety of colors too. From black, green, orange and more colors! I love the orange one we have- reminds me of Fall yet still a bit of a sunny, cheery color.

There are more item specifics such as a built in lid thermometer and removable catch pan. There are a lot of other features to the Weber Q 1200, that we really like. We plan on using it this Fall/Winter when we travel south in the RV. But and Gerry has already been trying it out. Loves it and  he says the Weber Q1200, although more expensive than our last one is of much better quality.
Thumbs up Weber!

Cons: none!
Pros: - large grill area for it's size
         - side trays a good feature
          -heavy cast iron grill
          -durable construction
          -provided accurate heat control
          -very comparable to bigger grills

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  1. I seen these and would love one for camping or picnics, great colours and size.

  2. Yes, we really can't say enough how impressive they are!

  3. We are avid RV-er's. I will look for a Weber BBQ like this as we are in need of a new one. I love the color!

  4. Yes, you can Google search them- they are in alot of stores. Very good quality.


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