Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Las Vegas Springs Preserve, Non-Gambling Fun

Springs Preserve is located just outside of Las Vegas and creates a visitor experience that builds culture and community, establishes environmental steward ships and celebrates the vibrant history of Las Vegas. 

There are numerous attractions including a live animal show, a train ride thru the wild west, and currently there is also an exhibition on the most delicious topic of all- Chocolate: The Exhibition. There are plenty of nature trails to explore as well as a butterfly habitat, and a fantastic playground for the little ones. The Botanical Gardens at the preserve are the site of the largest collection of Mojave Desert cacti and succulent plants and measure over 110 acres. There is also plenty of rotating events and classes that you can experience, which will fill you with appreciation of this fantastic resource. 

Many people start their visit at the Origen museum, which features 75 permanent exhibits, an indoor theater and travelling exhibit space. Kids can explore the nature exchange which is a program that encourage responsible collecting and preservation of nature. The Springs Preserve seems like a fantastic place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some peace and quiet while learning something new.

We are looking forward to our visit. 

New Tax Credits for Canadian Families – What You Need to Know

Tax season is just around the corner – are you ready?  Sure, you've got all of the necessary forms and receipts in order, but being organized isn't the only way to ready yourself for the April 30th tax deadline.  Make sure you’re up to speed on the new family tax credits so you don’t pay more tax than you should. 

The following info graphic, courtesy of the experts at H&R Block Canada, provides a brief overview of what the new credits are and how they may help this tax season.  If you want to know more about credits you can claim so you pay less tax, set up some time to meet with a tax professional at your local H&R Block office to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

And watch for our own upcoming tax return review with H&R Block and a chance for you to win a gift certificate at your own H&R Block. Coming soon!

An Evening with Terry Fator- Las Vegas

Has anyone that's  been to Las Vegas taken in the Terry Fator Show? Well even if you have it's time to get away from this long Winter and take in a show or two. And you definitely have to see this show.

He is so entertaining, we saw him in 2012, and we are headed back next month to see him again. Terry Fator is so talented and  really worth repeating, to see him again. Even if seeing the same show, you will want to go back again. Because he is so good! But we hear there is a new show which is super!

I was just looking here for some more information, Terry Fator | Now Playing in Las Vegas and on Tour | Official Site | Home, and see that  the show will feature his usual cast of characters. The show itself is at the Mirage, in Vegas. So quite easy to find.

The show features singing, and comedy. And of course has his hallmark puppets and celebrity impersonations. Also did you know, that Winston, the impersonating turtle has decided to go Hollywood? The show is going to center around that!

So even though we saw him, 3 years ago, we can't wait to go back and see him again. It really will be worth going again. And Terry Fator is sure to please with this very entertaining show in Las Vegas.