Vegas Trip-Day 7

Saturday, February 25, 2012

We got in too late last night for me to feel like blogging.Las Vegas is 2 hours behind our time at home, but our bodies are still running on CST.It will be hard to make the adjustment once we get back home, as I remember before doing this time change and not being able to fall asleep till 2 in the morning- just lying awake and watching the digital numbers turn from one into the next.

Today we leave Vegas, and it will be a day of planes and travelling. We'll certainly miss the nice weather with no snow, and the cheap prices for everything compared to what we pay back home. What we won't miss will be the casinos. We have a weakness to play and its not very frugal of us, and for that we feel bad.I'd say we won some and we lost some. We look forward though to getting back home to family and back to our day to day to life again, although Gerry will be back to work the day after he gets back, so not looking forward to that.

While here, we saw another couple from our home town, crossing the crosswalk.I tried to yell out to them but they never heard but I did snap their picture.

Staying at the condo, there has been daily internet fees. $50 for 3 days and then $10 a day after that. Not much I can do about that, and do like to keep in touch with you all with blogging and the family back home, so I pay the fees for that luxury.

Yesterday, we travelled about an hour out of the city to the Valley of Fire State Park.It seemed like a longer drive as there was nothing in sight but desert, until we hit the park. It is something else to see though: red sandstone formations and multi colored sandstone created over 150 million years ago.Quite the must see. $10 out of state entrance fee to get into the park as well.

In the evening we were at the Terry Fator show at the Mirage.We had this show scheduled for the end of our week and it was well worth the wait.He was every bit of what we had seen on tv of him. From seeing him on comedy shows, to America's Got Talent, we can never get enough of him. He has such an amazing ability to not only be a top notch ventriloquist but also be a great singer that can impersonate many singers, through his dolls.He made us laugh and he made us cry- thank you Terry!This is a must see how if you are in Vegas though, so don't miss it!

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