Sunday, August 30, 2015

Review: Crickle Creek Coffee Roasters

Review By : Erika and Jon ( our Alberta reviewers)

I  heard about Crickle Creek Coffee Roasters from a co-worker of mine and thought Jon might be interested since he's a coffee fanatic!! So I'm sure you can imagine how excited he was when he had the opportunity to review a couple bags from them.

We received two half pound bags of freshly roasted coffee beans - delivered free of charge directly to our door in nice but simple packaging.

Jon tried out "Peru" first - which is a straight, medium roast coffee. It smelled delicious and is made with organic beans. Jon liked the smooth, sweet taste.

On the other hand, "Costa Rica" is another straight, medium roast coffee that also smelled wonderful!! This was Jon's favourite - he found it had the most flavour of the two and a strong aroma.

Overall, Jon was very happy with his choices from Crickle Creek and would definitely recommend their coffee.

We love the story behind Crickle Creek as well - everything is done right here in Alberta, from roasting to delivery. We're very proud to be able to support a local business.

Thanks Crickle Creek Coffee Roasters!!

A Perfect "Back To The Dorms" Gift - Keurig 200

The Keurig K200 is perfect for students heading off to college. We know as we have one! This is great for anyone who lives in a dorm. It's very easy to use, and we would really recommend it to students. There are so many varieties of beverages that you can purchase for this, that we are sure any student would love it. Varieties like Van Houtte, Laura Secord, Timothy's, and more!

Students can pick from espresso, hot chocolate, tea, or even a variety of cold drinks. Perfect drinks while studying or living in their dorm.

The K200 has a slim/sleek design. It's sophisticated and can come with a splash of color as well as the simple black shown here.  There are a variety of different colors to pick from- even colors like purple and blue. It would be great for a student and dorm life, because it is also has a compact style and is very versatile. It is very convenient and it can be easily used in a dorm room.

Being  trendy,  any student would love to have one. The Keurig K200 would be a great addition for any student headed off to college. This would also make a great gift to give to a niece or nephew  you know who is living in a dorm room. Maybe while your getting one for that special student, you may just want to get two and have one for yourself a well!