Are Adventure Weddings The Next Big Trend?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

There is a trend taking off with weddings, having many couples leaving their high heels and tuxedos in the wind and lacing up some sneakers instead. These couples are taking tying the knot to extremes, they are following wedding trends of adventure weddings. These types of weddings tend to be more appealing to many couple’s and their guest’s, catering to their active interests.

Involve the Family in an Adventure

Couples waiting to tie the knot, are looking for different ways to involve their guests and make this special day one that is more memorable to others, especially ones that have paid to bring in a lot of family to share in this day. If a bride and groom spend to bring aunts and uncles in from out of state, why not offer them something exciting to do they will never forget? If a couple feels comfortable having their wedding venue set up on top of a mountain, or in the middle of a football field, they should be able to do so.

Recharge Time

Spending several hours sitting at a reception for many wedding guests can become boring. Why not let them recharge by having them enjoy in a game of beach ball, or participate in classes such as yoga or spinning. There is always time for some rock climbing or bungee jumping for the more daring guests, or have them take in some scuba diving. Weddings no longer have to be normal, with the adventure weddings trending, almost anything is possible.

Joining Together

Of course, every wedding has some guests that are not as adventurous as others, or are unable to be, such as grandpa and grandma. For these guests, there is still the grand get-together where everyone will join, at the banquet halls in Glendale CA

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