Our Overnight in Tonopah, Nevada

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Stayed overnight at highway rest stop outside of Tonopah, Nevada. Was lucky to find this spot. Free!

Plus other campers there as well for the night. This lot filled up a little later on. Saw other campers in the morning walking their dogs like us.
Checked out the town in the morning.

                                                             Bob's Big Boy Orphan

                                                Bear inside the Tonopah Station Hotel 

                                                             Tonopah Old Cemetry

                                                   Clown Motel- name says it all!

                                                               View of town from the hill

                                                         Old Tonopah Mining Park


  1. Looks like an interesting town, will have to try to remember that if we ever pass through that area. I love the old graveyard!


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