The Frank Slide- Frank, Alberta

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The morning of April 29, 1903 the town of Frank, Alberta was the scene of a terrible accident. Frank was a burgeoning mining town of 600 nestled in the Crowsnest Pass in the shadow of the massive Turtle Mountain which rises over 7,000 feet above town.  At 4:10 AM that fateful morning the town and the mountain became one as a 70-million ton wedge of overhanging limestone broke away, shattered into large boulders, crashed 300 feet down the mountain across the valley and 500 feet up the another mountain on the other side of the valley and is known as the Frank Slide.
Here are photos of where the town once was.76 people lost their lives, 23 were injured and 17 miners were trapped inside a mine shaft behind over 100 feet of rubble and stone.

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