Before and After: RV Dinette Booth

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Gerry has never done upholstery before but tried his hand at re-doing our RV dinette booth. Costly for materials, even with a discount coupon, from fabric store in USA, but more costly to pay someone to do the work.
Took some time ripping the old ones apart, so he could have a pattern to cut the material from, but was pleased with the outcome.


  1. Very nice! It looks much more modern.

  2. Looks great! I did our a few years ago and they turned out really well but I unfortunately didn't use good strong material and they have now worn out on one side. We have flipped them over and they still look great but I am now looking to buy better quality material so that I do them over again. Not really looking forward to that. :-(

  3. Good to know.... this is heavy duty...meant for them so should be good, plus we added extra foam in them as well. Our RV is all ripped part while Gerry is going some renos. Cant wait to post. Also sold our tow dolly on the 2 up wheels and will be going to 4 down as soon as we get the tow bar and what we need to go with it.


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