Review: Shark's Rocket Deluxe

Saturday, April 23, 2016

I recently reviewed the Shark Rocket Deluxe. Although not a newer model of their line up, it was one I was interested in trying. 

This is a powerful 2-in-1 vacuum
As an upright, the Rocket® vacuum deep cleans your carpets and hard floors. As a handheld, you can clean from floor to ceiling with ease. This vacumm had great suction.

Perfect for Quick Pick-ups
The Rocket® vacuum is ergonomically designed to make transitioning from floor to ceiling effortless. Shark® signature versatility makes this vacuum perfect for everything from deep, whole house cleaning to quick pick-ups no matter where the mess is. 

Designed to Clean Everywhere
There are some places in your kitchen where dirt hides that most vacuums can't get to, such as baseboards and under your appliances. Exclusive Rocket® attachments allow you to clean anything, everywhere.

Plus points:
-great suction
-low profile power head allowed ease of use under furniture 

Negative points:
-found it to have to many attachments. Was looking for a more simple model. 
-found the extra weight on the hand held part a bit different to get used to
-vacumm had to be stood up against the wall if you wanted to keep it upright
-cord seemed too long

I do love the Shark brand, and feel it is a quality brand, although this particular model was not 100% to a style of vacumm I am used to using.

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