Arrived Vancouver!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Arrived Vancouver last night- was a very short plane ride over from Saskatoon.. I wish they were all that short- we'd fly more if they were! Only about 2 hours in the air. Guess Air Canada didn't feel we needed anything to eat though- weren't even offered snacks on the plane- unless you were going to pay for them. Earlier we had made a stop at the grocery store and at least we had some  corn chips that held us over till we landed, then stopped for a very late meal at A&W. There was a bit of turbulence on the plane but nothing too terrible and always make sure to take my anti nausea medication when we DO fly.

This morning we're leaving Vancouver and driving to catch the ferry to Victoria. Heard it may be about an hour drive from our hotel.

Today is your typical coastal day- cloudy and drizzly. One never knows how to pack when travelling for sure. We'll talk later in the day.....



  1. Enjoy your time on the Island! We love Vancouver Island and definitely need to make it out there one day in our motorhome.

  2. thanks- it seems busy for sure.. especially the harbor area where we need to yet get to.


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