Our Last Day - Whistler, B.C

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Didn't plan too much for our day today. While in Whistler today, we headed first for the Olympic Sliding Centre. It was host to the 2010 Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Games. But one can walk through the area even today. In July, August and September, you can even  take part in the Summer Bobsleigh program- check it out here! Your chance to actually try it out- if you have the nerve to! Of course you DO ride with a trained driver. 



It was an interesting spot to see, but there was alot of cougar and bear warnings around the track area and it was quite hilly so we didn't wander too far.

We wandered through Whistler Village today as well. The area is a compact, Chalet style pedestrian village, with over 200 shops amongst it's stone walkways. Just picked up a few souvenirs, as most shops were higher end and name brand shops, and the price tags on most things had us saying - "pass".


Once we finished there we had to look for the Peak 2 Peak Gondola. Found it hard to find as we couldn't find any signs for it, but as a fluke, we stopped for directions at one location, only to find out the entrance way to it was right behind THAT building. 

It is a long way to the top- over 6,000 feet, and you'll take two sets of lift chairs with a combined time of 20 minutes,  before you get to the tram cars and ride 15 minutes across ( peak to peak). I don't suggest it to anyone obviously with issues with heights, or if it's not a healthy day for you- as it will take you a while to get to the top and there are no bathrooms along the way- first bathroom is about 20 minutes up. Also be sure to dress warm, and wear shoes and socks as it gets about 10 degrees cooler when you get up to the top and you'll feel the cool air on the lift chairs. The gondola cars are closed but not heated. And once your at the top there is a restaurant,more areas for viewing, washrooms and shop for souvenirs/clothing. It's for sure a once in a lifetime experience. If your with the kids, before you head up or when you come back down, there is a Family Adventure Zone area.

You can't miss this place though. Put this one on your Bucket List.

We also had a spa appt today for manicures, since I had gift cards from Way Spa, but spa visits are expensive and I ended up still paying over the cost of the gift cards I had.

We had a good day, asked for a late check out tomorrow and then on the road again. May also stop in Squamish and check out the used book store there and then on to Vancouver, where we'll catch our plane, and start heading home. Will be back home for Friday evening. It was a nice holiday, but time to get sure Jakey is missing us and our daughter Ria is still there visiting.


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