Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today's Trip Into Mexico

Since my dentist wasn't going to be available back home when we got there, we decided to make a trip into Los Algodones, Mexico today.

Took us an hour and a half drive south to get there. Went in the RV. Parked in a huge parking lot for $12 for RV's and walked over. It was that simple.

It was an eye opener. So many people selling their wares, people with their kids in tow or sleeping anywhere while their parents peddled fruit, clothing, jewelry, purses, etc. Seems like a hard life, and that sun was so hot today too. It was 91 degrees there. 

We were hounded by people as soon as we got there- especially one trying to sell us dental services, which we were looking for anyhow. We followed the guy as we had seen the same building on YouTube and another traveler had been there before. We were told that check ups and xrays were free.
We both got cleanings for $30 each. 

Gerry was told he could use 3 bridges and would cost $1800 US total.
I was told I actually had no cavities but sensitive teeth which they put a sealant on. And have an issue still with my wisdom tooth that is causing me grief and should come out. Which would mean cutting the gum. Ouch. One I have to think about and not sure I want to get that done by anyone but my family dentist..but let me think on that.

We bought a few things only close by in the area we were in. As we really felt hounded tremendously by street vendors.Even the dentists, drugstores, eye doctors, etc have people outside their stores calling you to their store.
Once we got into the border line to come back across, and it was a LONG line, there were Mexicans there singing for money, selling things, and begging for you to buy what they were selling.

I wish we could have given to everyone as wow it was so hot to be out there.Even seniors sitting on the sidewalk and holding up baskets for change.
I bought a basket of strawberries from an older man selling for $1. Out on the corner of the sidewalk in the hot sun. The strawberries looked just picked and smelled good, but I had to think of how little he really gets for all that he does.
I left Mexico feeling truly blessed . Blessed for the life I have. Blessed for the life we both have.


Review and Giveaway: SunFrog t-shirts (Canada/USA)

I wear alot of t-shirts. It's what I feel comfortable in. Gerry too.. with a looser fit as well, they even are great to wear to bed. I found a company on the internet called SunFrog. Sunfrog t-shirts is an online company, where you can order a huge variety of really great t-shirts. 

On the site, you can find t-shirts with some really fun sayings on them. You can search on the site for over 3 million designs. For example you can find many different animal t-shirts for dog or cat lovers, or you can get a camping t-shirt. There really are so  many great ones to pick from. The prices are very reasonable for the SunFrog t-shirts, and can range anywhere from $19 to $35. If you are interested in hoodies you can order those on the site too, and the price range for those is $29-$45. 

Gerry and I got some real great ones- see our pictures below....and these are great t-shirt quality.

Gerry's fit true to size but I had to get mine in a size bigger than normal. There is however a sizing chart on the site that is best to check before you place an order.

SunFrog would love to also give away a t-shirt to one of our lucky readers in Canada or the USA. You can pick the t-shirt of your size or style, men's or ladies. A random draw will be made by on March 30, 2016 from all entries received.

To Enter:
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Good luck to all!