Holiday Ideas for #Multigenerational #Families

Friday, January 13, 2017

Choosing a holiday that suits the whole family can be tricky. When you’ve got young children to please, older kids to keep entertained and Grandma and Grandad want to come along too, picking the perfect destination can be a nightmare. To try and make the selection process easier for you, we’ve narrowed down the best holiday types for multigenerational families.

Private Villa

When it comes to finding accommodation for everyone, sometimes hiring a private villa can be the best solution. Many villas have several bedrooms, a private pool, kitchen facilities and a sitting room area, so it’s basically like a home from home. A villa means that if grandma and grandad want to stay inside in the shade and enjoy a cup of tea, you can still be outside playing in the pool with the kids, so it’s the best of both worlds and everyone can still enjoy being on holiday together. There are private villas in most areas of the world from Florida to Majorca, so you’ll be sure to find a destination that suits all.

A Cruise

A cruising holiday is one that certainly has something for everyone. From the huge variety of on board activities, including everything from rock climbing to a spa and gym, to all of the different ports you’ll be stopping in, a cruise has something that family members of all ages will enjoy. With a range of cruises available to all different areas of the world with the Bolsover Cruise Club, you’ll be able to find one heading to destinations you’ll all love exploring together.

Log Cabin

If you’re a family who loves the great outdoors and want a relaxing break too, going on a holiday to stay in a log cabin could be ideal for you. There are many UK based log cabins, complete with outdoor, hot tubs, multiple rooms and an abundance of outdoor activities to enjoy. Older family members can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet when you head out on a bike ride, then you can all enjoy a late afternoon dip in the hot tub before heading out to cosy country pub for dinner.
With all these different types of holiday ideas for multigenerational families and more, get together with your family to find out what types of holiday everyone is hoping for and select the perfect one for you. 

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