The How To Guide On Squeezing More Out Of Your #Money

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It is the eternal battle isn't is? How to get everything you want out of a small amount of money? It's not the easiest, but it is possible, and there are some tips and tricks that can help you do it. So read on for some advice on how to make your money go further, without missing out on all the things you want.

Make Your Own Coffee

The number one mistake most Americans make is that they end up spending a small fortune on coffee house beverages. I'm not saying you should give the coffee up, far from it! But is it really the best use of your hard-earned money? Probably not. That is why you should consider getting your own coffee machine.


By spending the amount, you would over a month on coffee shop drinks you can get your own coffee machine like this one. Then you can have good quality and specialty brews whenever you want for at a fraction of the price. It is just simple math.

I just don't understand why people don't do it more. Maybe they think it's more convenient to buy coffee when they are on the go. But it's easy enough to brew a pot before you go out the door and just decant into an insulated travel mug for your journey!

Even if you are buying one coffee in the day during work hours, why not get yourself a coffee machine for the office? Or, even better, split the cost with your colleagues? Then you’ll hardly be paying anything at all, and you have someone to split the coffee bean bill with too.

Always Look For Vouchers

Another essential way of squeezing more out of your money is to shop savvy. This means coupons and vouchers like the ones at, should become a major part of your shopping routine. Some folks never buy an item without a discount coupon, and you need to be more like them.

Coupons are available for all sorts of items. One of the places you can use them for the biggest saving is in your grocery shop. Clever couponing can get you a massive stockpile of items for free!

To do this, you will need to understand your store’s coupon policy on doubling and on the maximum number of coupons allowed in one transaction. You'll also need to collect multiple vouchers, so ask friends and family to save up coupon inserts for you.

Sales Are Your Friend

Another savvy way of shopping is to keep on top of the items that you will need for the coming year, and only buy them when there is a sale on. For example, anything from kids toys to winter clothes can be bought at fraction of the price if you time it right.

Image link

This means you can stock up your wardrobe and you gift pile for next to nothing, if you are clever about it. The days after Christmas are a great time for getting toys and games for the younger members of your family, as well as winter shoes and boots. So make sure that is on your calendar.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Preloved

Another way to squeeze more from your money is to leave your pride at the door and consider preloved items. Preloved or secondhand and items are a great way of getting the things you really want for a discounted price.

Some people are a little funny about second-hand items, they feel like they are ‘dirty’ or won't be as good. But this is rarely the case. Especially in terms of expensive things, as people will have made an effort to look after them.


Great items to buy preloved include electronics, computer games, and mobile devices. This is because the new one comes out so quickly, that many folks want the next upgrade, even though their original items are still in great condition.

Speculate To Accumulate

Lastly, most people have heard the phrase speculate to accumulate. But it tends to be used regarding buying things to sell and make a profit on. But in this case, it's about selling things to enable you to buy something else.

If you find yourself wanting something, but you just have the money for it, the great idea is to sell an item that you have already, but are not using. In this way, you raise the money for the new things without going into debt.

You also get rid of something that you weren't really using, and so making more room in your home, and minimizing clutter. It really is a win-win situation.

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