Road Trip! Arizona

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

We're heading on a road trip to Sedona, Arizona which will provide us with plenty of time and opportunity to spend quality time together while bonding and making special memories as we hit the open road.  Arizona is breathtakingly beautiful so we plan on taking our time along the way through some very unique and interesting places that only Arizona has to offer to our final destination in Sedona where we hope to indulge in some other sight seeing along the way as well.

Sedona is home to the most amazing red sandstone formations that glisten shades of red and orange with the rising and setting sun. Sedona is truly a magnificent little city with so many things to do and experience that offers something for everyone from arts and culture to excellent outdoor activities such as balloon and helicopter rides to just take in some breathtaking beauty from above, including national parks for outdoor adventures and explorers to amazing resorts and spas.

We've done our research and plan on stopping at Camp Verde Historic State Park to enjoy its natural unspoiled beauty. 

Camp Verde is located at the Southern tip of Verde Valley and surrounded by beautiful 6000 to 7000-foot peaks. Camp Verde is a wonderful place to explore either by hiking the most awesome picturesque trail, boating, and kayaking or just standing idly by and fishing the day away. The Verde River runs through the camp, right in the middle of the dessert bringing added beauty to the landscape with it lush and unique foliage. 

We also plan on visiting the Montezuma Castle (a 20 room, 5 story castle built 70 feet above ground level which lays north of Camp Verde which should provide us with some extraordinary photo ops including Montezuma Well nearby which is actually a 55 feet deep limestone sink-hole that is fed by underground springs! It looks like a wonderful place to rest and picnic and enjoy the scenery. 

While on our road trip we just can't miss out on visiting the Out Of Africa Park Wildlife Park either, which should provide us with the opportunity to get up close and personal experience with the animals.  It will be a thrill to get up close and personal with our favorite animals. According to the photos, we've seen the park looks like it has a Serengeti look to it where the animals are free to roam the giant park. We hope to learn more about the animals in their care and hopefully we'll even get the opportunity to have a behind the scenes experience too! The park offers this amazing Full Zip Line Tour where you can zip line over the animals from tower to tower; seven towers in all for the ultimate thrilling experience which sounds exciting and scary at the same time. We'll just have to see who has enough courage and bravery to try it out but I doubt it will be either of us! LOL

We're definitely looking forward to this getaway as we head out this week.


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