Another #DIY RV Back Splash Project With Fasade

Sunday, May 7, 2017

We loved working so much with the Aspect back splash for our RV kitchen back in February, that we decided to given some design and flare to the RV washrooms as well and now work with Fasade. The walls really needed something added to them besides just the paint. 

Once again Gerry found working with the back splash pieces, very easy to use and to cut.

The DIY Decor Store carries many styles and colors from which we chose for both the rooms. What we liked about the Fasade brand also is that they have many styles, patterns, textures and colors, from the usual long rectangle ones you see in most RV's, campers and homes.

For our smaller secondary bathroom ( above) we went with the Fasade Back Splash- Quilted in Argent Bronze and framed it around the mirror. With this one Gerry had to make sure he cut it so that the matched patterns of the diamonds.

For the main bathroom( above) we went with the Fasade Back Splash- Square in Muted Gold.

As you can see by the Before and After pictures, it sure has changed the looks of both bathrooms. With spending half the year in the RV, we like to have as much of a "home feeling" to our RV as possible.

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