Parks Canada and Riding Mountain National Park

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Canada will officially be 150 Years old this year! Birthday celebrations will be planned from beautiful coast to beautiful coast this year. 

We are a very proud that we live in a stunningly beautiful and breathtaking country with  appeal to beautiful spots to visit. Canada is famous for its beautiful mountainous landscapes, the beautiful flat lands of the prairies,  coastlines and unique nature . This year, Parks Canada is opening up all their National Parks, Historic Sites and Marines Conservation Areas for FREE throughout all of 2017 for everyone to enjoy the magnificent visual splendor and history. 

By ordering your own Discovery pass online  or stopping by at any of the parks in this link ( you can be on your way to enjoying the beauty of Canada from coast to coast.

We got our own Discovery pass and are happily planning our trip to Riding Mountain National Park Just 3 1/2 hours west of Winnipeg ,Manitoba, it isnt far from our hometown at all. It will be our first time there and can't wait for the experience .

This beautiful park with some 2,000+ km of protected land sits on top of the Manitoba Escarpment almost as tall as the CN Tower and will provide us with some spectacular photo ops.  We're looking forward to enjoying the spring weather and perhaps walking with Jake on one or more of the 400 km of trails. Hopefully we'll be able to spot a Black Bear or cub or an Elk or two in their natural habitat. Weather permitting we're hoping that we can walk along the beautiful sandy beaches of Clear Lake.  We can't wait for our experience to start at Riding Mountain National Park and are thrilled we can visit for free with our Discovery Pass.

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