Reasons To Buy A Massage Chair For Home Use

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

While some people may think of it as an extravagant idea, a massage chair can actually come in handy at home. This can be an excellent investment particularly if you do love getting a massage. Discussed below are 3 compelling reasons why you should consider investing in a massage chair for home use.

1.   Saves you money

Massage sessions can be quite expensive.  Research shows that most massage therapists charge a minimum of $75 per hour for massage. While this may seem nothing to you, anyone who gets a massage at least four times in a week gets to save a lot more from investing in his/her own massage chair. A massage chair can be quite expensive, with some going for most than $5000 for premium massage. There's also a more affordable option going at $800 (such as iJoy). Unless you only need one professional massage in your life, going for these options could save you real money in the long run.

Anyone that has had a professional massage knows how addictive a massage is. It is more addictive than your favorite bag of delicious chips.  The addictive nature of professional massage means you will want to get a one every time you can. Owning a massage chair gives you the convenience for such pleasures whenever around home, and at no extra cost. Given the many health benefits of a massage, this is definitely one of the best rewards you can have for yourself/family.

2. Convenience and accessibility

Most massage parlors operate on set times, meaning you cannot get their service all the time, every time. Investing in a massage chair however gives you the freedom and convenience to get the service whenever/however you wish. You can have a massage every day after work, late at night, or in the weekends as well. The everyday inconveniences of having to dress up, deal with traffic, and driving up and down are well eliminated once the massage chair is installed in your home.

3. It's a perfect complement to your home

The massage chair is probably the only missing part of your home spa. Aside from the upgraded bathroom with a fancy shower head and the little sauna you may have, a massage chair can help complete the equation of a home spa. Nothing is more refreshing than plunging into the sauna, having a warm shower, then slipping into a fluffy robe ready to find the zero gravity massage chair waiting for you.

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